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Robin has managed to keep the trade mark of White Plains to this very day, he has incorporated it in his specialist business modernising and repairing vintage Guitars & Amps. In this section we look into Robins career after White Plains the solo release single and 2 other releases that Robin and some of the members of the group were involved in and a report on the 3rd un-released White Plains album New Peaks. Plus a small section on the 1993 un-released re-mix of My Baby Loves Lovin. We also hope to feature in a future fanzine Robins involvement with Gordon Waller & Robert Duncan in 1983 on the musical Leonardo.

(45-single) SLEIGH RIDE (b side Shoes)
The first release after White Plains was this Christmas traditional song revamped by UNCLE TONE & HIS MAGIC SAX on the PVK label in 1976 (PVK 002). Sax player Tony Hall provided the vocals, who was also with White Plains in their early days, then with Chas & Dave, Sheena Eastern, now with Cliff Bennett where his is working alongside Robin Shaw. On this release Roger Hills on Drums, Frankie J. Marshall on Keyboards Tony Hall on Sax, Robin Shaw on Bass, Robin Box on Guitar. There was another mix of this particular song re-produced by Roger Cook with Doreen & Irene Chanter (Chanter Sisters) providing backing, re-mixed at Morgan Studios but that version was not released. Vocals on Shoes was Frankie J. Marshall (from the Houseshakers) written by Shaw, Box & Hall.
(45 single) Silent Night (b side Whod Be A Father Christmas Every Single Day Of The Year)
The second release was another traditional Christmas song Silent Night released by Punchline and also on Punchline label and distributed by Pinnacle in 1980 (PL.001). Robin Box playing lead guitar etc. Gordon Waller (of Peter & Gordon) providing the main vocals. Gordon also provides vocals on the flipside, written by Box, Waller & Duncan this number has a more commercialised feel and I think the track is worth a double a side credit.
(45-single) I Aint Got You (b-side Singalong Version)
No matter what one may say about this solo release by Robin Box, it still remains a sought after disc for those who collect White Plains and their associated products. Another Punchline product released in 1982 (PL003). The song was originally mastered around an advertisement for Stylistic Car Stripes. Produced by Robert Duncan and Engineered by Bari Watts, Tex Marsh on Drums and Robin supplies all other instruments and vocals.
New Peaks (unreleased album)
After the White Plains album When You Are A King in 1971 this was going to be the next release. A delightful picture setting of the Himalayas fronted the album sleeve but due to many circumstances at the time only 7 numbers managed to find there way to the first stages of recording and did not receive the final touches and mixes they deserved. Two of the tracks Look To See and Does Anybody Know Where My Baby Is did surface on later singles. The remaining five includes Nothing Else Comes Easy with the catchy singing along phrase It Aint Easy Lovin You plains sound written all over it. The most odd and peculiar track put forward for the album was Let All The People Come Together the only way to describe the song is that of the number The Devil Went Down To Georgia a very fast Country attempt and most odd for White Plains. The track Shadows Of My Youth brings out the group in their right mood with another great verse Just Chasing Shadows Of My Youth and also similar to another track from the album titled Slow Slow Down. One of the best songs from this un-released album was the Carpenters hit Superstar (No Guitar)It is great to hear a strong full bodied group sound of this number and I must say White Plains could have had another hit on their hands if the song managed to surface, as their harmonies flowed well on the highlighted verse Dont You Remember You Told Me You Love Me Baby.
My Baby Loves Lovin (Re-mixed / un-released)
This was the work of Robin & Tex Marsh back in 1993, Roger Greenaway heard the result of this White Plains re-mix and he thought it was a good idea for a single. A great attempt but due to problems with not finding the original master at the time the project was abandoned and did not find its way to a single.